St. Bernard Parish Hospital

Bringing quality healthcare back home to St. Bernard

St. Bernard Parish Hospital is bringing healthcare back home to this proud, historically significant community. The 113,000 square foot state-of-the-art hospital facility supports 40 patient beds, an intensive care unit (ICU), 4 operating suites, 2 endoscopy suites, cardiac catheter lab, plus a 10-bed emergency department. In addition, St. Bernard Parish Hospital provides complete medical imaging, laboratory, in-house pharmacy, food and nutritional services, and rehabilitation services.

Taking into account the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina, St. Bernard Parish Hospital has been designed to withstand extreme weather and water conditions. Generators, diesel fuel tanks and operating systems are located on the 2nd floor, more than 25 feet above ground.

With the patient and their loved ones in mind, considerable attention has been given to the look and feel of the hospital. Floor-to-ceiling windows in waiting areas let in natural light. Wide hallways, large rooms, flat screen TVs and softer light in patient room areas provide a higher level of comfort than what may be expected in a typical hospital environment.

In addition, all elements of the interior of the hospital have been designed to be as efficient as possible for the medical staff. The design team has focused on continuum of care and providing state-of-the-art medical technology, even taking into account how to reduce the number of steps that it takes for a medical professional to get from point-A to point-B when taking care of a patient.

A 60,000 square foot medical office building adjacent to the hospital has been developed, thus making the St. Bernard Parish Hospital campus the core provider for the healthcare needs of St. Bernard Parish. The medical office building includes the St. Bernard Community Health Center, administrative offices and several physicians’ offices.