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Patient Rights & Privacy

September 14 2012

Medical record and release of information

The medical record is a legal document; therefore. It must be maintained in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.  The medical record is the property of the hospital, but the information contained in it belongs to the patient.  We are committed to protecting your health information.  To obtain copies of the medical record, the patient’s written authorization must be signed and dated and it must include the name and address of the individual who is to receive the copies of the record, the treatment dates that are to be copied and the reason for the request.  The patient may obtain a release of information form from the Health Information department located on the 1st floor of the hospital.  Patients may obtain copies of their medical record for a fee.

Complaint/grievance process

Dear St. Bernard Parish Hospital Patient/Families/Representatives:

St. Bernard Parish Hospital welcomes you.  We are committed to providing a safe, clean and caring environment that is favorable to patient healing.  The St. Bernard Parish Hospital Team acts as a liaison and patient advocate to assist you with your stay.  We also provide education and resource information to the community, families and patients.

All of your concerns, complaints and/or grievances are important to us and every effort will be made to ensure your satisfaction.  We offer several ways to voice your concerns, and they are as follows:

  • Patient/Family/Representative Complaint – this process is completed when a complaint is voiced to any member of the Hospital Team.  The matter is immediately addressed and resolution is quick and complete.  No written response is given.

Unfortunately not all matters can be resolved immediately.  If this occurs you will then be given the choice to file a formal grievance, or depending on the issue identified, have a grievance filed for you.

  • Formal Patient Grievance – this process is initiated in the event a resolution from a complaint has not been reached or you choose to file a grievance.  A “patient grievance” is a formal, written or verbal grievance that is filed by a patient, when a patient issue cannot be resolved promptly by staff present.” You may file a grievance with any Department Director, Quality Manager or Administrative Representative.  Once a formal grievance is filed, the hospital will review, investigate, and resolve each patient’s grievance within a reasonable time frame.  You will then receive a written notice of the hospital’s determination.  Grievances can also be lodged with the State agency directly, regardless of whether you use the hospital’s grievance process.  To file a grievance with the State, please contact:

Department of Health and Hospitals

500 Laurel Street

Suite 100

Baton Rouge, LA  70801

(225) 342-0138

To file a Formal Grievance with a St. Bernard Parish Hospital Representative, please use any of the following phone numbers:

Nursing Directors:

  • Med/Surg/Telemetry – Albert Schell, RN,  (504) 826-9340

  • Emergency Department – Cindy Maag, RN, (504) 826-9565

  • ICU/Surgery – Samantha Bocage, RN, (504) 826-9235

Chief Nursing Officer

  • Scott Dassau, RN, (504) 826-9512          

To request additional numbers, please call (504) 826-9500.

For complaints concerning Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes) the Ombudsman can be contacted by calling 1-800-259-4990.